Building Surveys, Sixth Edition

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Guidance on the valuation of individual trade related properties in the Red Book see www. It considers the criteria to be adopted by valuers when assessing market value or market rent for an individual trade related property.

Building Surveys, Sixth Edition

This guidance note provides more detailed guidance to valuers with regard to the valuation of a specific group of trade related property, that being pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs licensed properties that are occupied and trading. Written specifically with regard to the law and practice in England and Wales, it looks at valuation methodology and provides a practical approach to the assembly and interpretation of relevant information. The 7th edition of the RICS Valuation standards, effective 2 May marked its issue for the first time in Global, UK and India volumes, and incorporated a number of changes and updates to enhance its clarity and ease of use.

These included adopting the term 'valuation standards' rather than 'practice statements' in relation to the key requirements, which continued to be mandatory for members, since the emphasis throughout was on the delivery of valuations to clear and consistent standards. The standards in VS 1.

Document downloads - RICS standards and guidance | isurv

Although differently expressed there was no intention to change the application of principles specified in the 6th edition. There was some renumbering and reordering of guidance notes as well as updating of them, with a new GN on the depreciated replacement cost method of valuation for financial reporting, upgraded from 'valuation information paper' status. Further information about IVS evolution was included in the Introduction. This edition of the Red Book marked its issue for the first time in Global, UK and India volumes, and incorporated a number of changes and updates to enhance its clarity and ease of use.

This edition is out of date and held on isurv for information purposes only. This edition of the Red Book marked its issue for the first time in global, UK and India volumes, and incorporated a number of changes and updates to enhance its clarity and ease of use. They included adopting the term 'valuation standards' rather than 'practice statements' in relation to the key requirements, which continue to be mandatory for members, since the emphasis throughout is on the delivery of valuations to clear and consistent standards.

The purpose of the global valuation standards is to provide an effective framework, within the Rules of Conduct, so that users of valuation services can have confidence that a valuation provided by an RICS member is objective and delivered in a manner that is consistent with internationally recognised standards including those set by the International Valuation Standards Council IVSC see section 2.

There is a mandatory obligation placed on the individual valuer, or firm registered for regulation by RICS, to follow these standards and an effective sanction in the case of a material breach. For the current edition of the Red Book see www. Covering most types of real estate asset, this information paper discusses the use of comparable evidence in property valuation and aims to outline the principles of comparable evidence use, encourage consistency in its application worldwide, address issues of availability and the use of comparable evidence under challenging market conditions and consider the potential sources of comparable evidence.

This information paper also discusses the use of comparable evidence in different circumstances and markets, whether volatile or inactive, as well as in developing markets, where comparable evidence is often more difficult to obtain and less familiar to valuers. Although applicable to land and buildings used for commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and associated purposes, this publication does not cover the use of comparable evidence in the valuation of plant and equipment.

Business assets or personal property are also outside the scope of this information paper, however, many of the principles described may be relevant to these types of asset. If you have trouble accessing it please email library rics. They have since been superseded. For the current edition see www. These included guidance on valuation for financial statements and secured lending, as well as for taxation purposes.

Detailed guidance is also given on the valuation of development land, for those providing valuation services in India.

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The Global and UK valuation standards were effective from 30 March but have since been superseded. Originally published as Valuation Information Paper 11, the second edition information paper is concerned with the valuation of independent healthcare properties comprising nursing and residential care homes in the UK. This is the latest regional Red Book valuation standard accompanied by two appendices.

Engineering Surveying 6th Edition (Elsevier)

Effective from May This guidance note provides assistance to RICS members on the application of the the Red Book to valuations that have to be provided in compliance with US jurisdiction. In Scotland, a valuation of land for affordable housing can be required for several reasons, including: advice for loan security, acquisition, sale, evaluation of options, planning purposes, compulsory purchase, taxation and development appraisal for grant purposes. It is essential that the work is undertaken in the light of knowledge of the existence of the directives or regulations, as the case may be, and with an understanding of how they are to be implemented in individual Member States.

Care must also be taken to ensure that valuation reports draw attention to any aspects of the directives or regulations — or, more particularly, their implementation — of which the client needs to be aware in order to understand and use the report for its intended purpose. It is mandatory for RICS members undertaking valuation services, but is also a useful reference for valuation users and other stakeholders. Members providing valuation services in Brazil shall comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

These are now archived and appear on isurv for information purposes only. It covers application, bases of value, and other compliance matters in the Russian jurisdiction. The Red Book recognises that local statute, or regulation, may have specific requirements that expand the global standards and that such requirements may be the subject of RICS national association valuation standards.

This is the national valuation standard. An internal review of Valuer Registration had highlighted that there were genuine doubts among some members about the extent to which all or part of their work falls within the scope of the Red Book, more particularly whether it is, or is not, within one of the exceptions specified in PS 1 section 6 paragraph 6.

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Although not formally part of the Red Book, the material below is intended to assist members by addressing some of the practical issues that arise in their day-to-day work, providing more detailed explanation and comment, which it is hoped will cover most situations.

The material is in three parts: - Part 1 addresses issues about the overall scope or 'reach' of the Red Book. Parts 1 and 2 are of global application. Part 3 initially contains mainly UK examples, but will be progressively developed to include examples from all World Regions. Since then a new edition of the global Red Book has been issued.

For the latest issue go to www. The purpose of this guidance note is to create clear and consistent guidance for both valuation providers and valuation users. It has been prepared primarily for financial reporting purposes, to comply with International Financial Reporting Standard 13 and for reporting to the Sweden Annual Property Index. The effective date of this guidance note is 1 May The Swedish language version will be published here once it becomes available.

This guidance note is effective on publication. The English language version published 27 June The Polish language version published 2 August Procedures are in place in Greece to have the valuation profession regulated by law in the near future. This guidance note covers: - Context and definitions; - Foreshore: Effects of the foreshore and beach delimitation regime on seaside plots; - Archaeology; - Key money; - Residual building coefficient RBC - Unauthorised structures; - Valuation certainty and uncertainty. It is provided in both English and Portuguese.


They are designed to cover specific statutory or regulatory requirements in local jurisdictions, while being consistent with relevant international standards. The accompanying Basis for Conclusions explains the rationale behind the more significant changes made in the final version of the Red Book Specifically, it addresses the main refinements made in consequence of the responses received to the public consultation. It has been produced purely to assist the reader and does not form part of the standards.

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