Combinatorial Mathematics IX, Brisbane, Australia: Proceedings, 1981

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Aspects of mathematical finance. Aspects of mathematical modelling : applications in science, medicine, economics and management. Hosking, Roger J. Asymptotic analysis for integrable connections with irregular singular points. Majima, Hideyuki. Asymptotic analysis : from theory to application. Asymptotic analysis II : surveys and new trends. Verhulst, F. Asymptotic analysis of soliton problems : an inverse scattering approach. Asymptotic approximations for probability integrals. Breitung, Karl Wilhelm.

Combinatorial Mathematics IX. Proceedings, Brisbane, Australia, | Institute of Mathematics

Asymptotic behavior of monodromy : singularly perturbed differential equations on a Riemann surface. Asymptotic cyclic cohomology. Puschnigg, Michael. Asymptotic expansions for pseudodifferential operators on bounded domains. Asymptotic prime divisors. Asymptotics for dissipative nonlinear equations. Hayashi, Nakao ; Naumkin, Pavel I. Asymptotics for orthogonal polynomials. Asymptotics of analytic difference equations.

Asymptotic theory of finite dimensional normed spaces. Milman, Vitali D. Asymptotic theory of statistics and probability. A taste of topology. A theory of semigroup valued measures. Sion, Maurice. A topological aperitif. Jordan, David ; Huggett, Stephen. Attractivity and bifurcation for nonautonomous dynamical systems.

Rasmussen, Martin. Automatic differentiation : applications, theory, and implementations. Automorphic forms and Lie superalgebras. Ray, Urmie. Automorphic forms on GL 2. Automorphic forms on GL 2 part II. Automorphic forms on GL 3,R. Automorphic forms on semisimple Lie groups. Automorphic functions and number theory. Automorphism groups of compact bordered Klein surfaces : a combinatorial approach. Average-cost control of stochastic manufacturing systems. Sethi, Suresh P. Averaging methods in nonlinear dynamical systems.

Sanders, Jan A. Axiom of choice. Herrlich, Horst. BAIL - Boundary and interior layers : proceedings of the international conference on Boundary and interior Layers - computational and asymptotic methods, Limerick, July Banach spaces and descriptive set theory: selected topics. Banach spaces, harmonic analysis, and probability theory : proceedings of the special year in analysis, held at the university of Connecticut Blei, Ron C.

Banach spaces of analytic functions : proceedings of the Pelczynski conference held at Kent state university, July , Baker, J. Banach spaces of vector-valued functions. Kalton, Nigel J. Barrelledness in topological and ordered vector spaces. Husain, T. Basic algebra. Basic analysis of regularized series and products. Jorgenson, Jay A. Basic notions of algebra. Basic principles and applications of probability theory. Skorokhod, A. Basic probability theory with applications. Basic real analysis : along with a companion volume advanced real analysis.

The Mathematics that Counts - Professor Robin Wilson

Basics of applied stochastic processes. Basics of fluid mechanics and introduction to computational fluid dynamics. Bayesian computation with R. Bayesian computation with R second edition. Bayesian core : a practical approach to computational Bayesian statistics. Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses. Bayesian item response modeling. Bayesian networks and influence diagrams : a guide to construction and analysis.

Bayesian reliability. Hamada, Michael S. Shane et al. Benchmarking, temporal distribution, and reconciliation methods for time series. Bertram Kostant collected papers : volume I Besov spaces and applications to difference methods for initial value problems. Bessel polynomials. Grosswald, Emil. Between theory and observations : Tobias Mayer's explorations of lunar motion, Huck, H. Beyond partial differential equations. Beyer, Horst Reinhard. Beyond the quartic equation.

Bardos, C. Bifurcation of extremals in optimal control. Bifurcations of planar vector fields : nilpotent singularities and abelian integrals. Bifurcations of planar vector fields : proceedings of a meeting held in Luminy, France, sept. Bifurcation theory and applications : lectures given at the 2nd session of the Centro Internationale Matematico Estivo C.

Bilinear control systems : matrices in action. Elliott, David. Billingsley dimension in probability spaces. Binary quadratic forms : an algorithmic approach. Buchmann, Johannes ; Vollmer, Ulrich. Binomial models in finance. Hoek, John ; Elliott, Robert J. Bioinformatics and computational biology solutions using R and bioconductor. Biorthogonal systems in banach spaces.

Biset functors for finite groups. Blocks and families for cyclotomic Hecke algebras. Blocks of tame representation type and related algebras. Erdmann, Karin. Blow-up Theories for Semilinear Parabolic Equations. Hu, Bei. Bordism of diffeomorphisms and related topics. Bose algebras : the complex and real wave representations. Boundary integral equations on contours with peaks. Boundary theory for symmetric Markov processes. Silverstein, Martin L. Boundary value problems and Markov processes. Taira, Kazuaki. Boundary value problems and Markov processes 2nd ed.

Bounded analytic functions. Garnett, John B. Boundedly controlled topology : foundations of algebraic topology and simple homotopy theory. Anderson, Douglas R. Braid groups. Turaev, Vladimir ; Kassel, Christian. Branch-and-bound applications in combinatorial data analysis.

Brusco, Michael J. Branched standard spines of 3-manifolds. Benedetti, Riccardo ; Petronio, Carlo. Brauer groups in ring theory and algebraic geometry : proceedings, University of Antwerp U. Van Oystaeyen, Freddy M. Brauer groups : proceedings of the conference held at Evanston, october , Bridging the gap to university mathematics. Buildings and the geometry of diagrams : lectures given at the 3rd session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo C. Buildings of spherical type and finite BN-pairs. Tits, Jacques. Buildings : theory and applications.

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Abramenko, Peter ; Brown, Kenneth S. Bundles of topological vector spaces and their duality. Burnside groups : proceedings of a workshop held at the university of Bielefeld, Germany, June-July Business statistics for competitive advantage with Excel : basics, model building, and cases. Kechris, Alexander S. Quarteroni, Alfio ; Saleri, Fausto. Calcolo stocastico per la finanza. Pascucci, Andrea. Calculus of variations and partial differential equations : proceedings of a conference held in Trento, Italy, June , Bojarski, Bogdan ; Mishchenko, Alexander S.

Cambridge summer school in mathematical logic : held in Cambridge, England, August , Mathias, A. Cancer mortality and morbidity patterns in the U. Manton, K. Canonical Gibbs measures : some extensions of de Finetti's representation theorem for interacting particle systems. Capacity theory on algebraic curves.

Cardinal Invariants on Boolean algebras. Monk, J. Case studies in spatial point process modeling. Categorical algebra and its applications : proceedings of a conference, held in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, July 26 - August 1, Categorical aspects of topology and analysis : proceedings of an international conference held at Carleton University, Ottawa, August , Categorical topology : proceedings of the conference held at Mannheim, , July, Binz, Ernst ; Herrlich, Horst eds. Categorical topology : proceedings of the international conference, Berlin, August 27th to September 2nd, Categories and sheaves.

Kashiwara, Masaki ; Schapira, Pierre. Lawvere, F. William ; Schanuel, Stephen H. Categories of algebraic systems : vector and projective spaces, semigroups, rings and lattices. Categories of Boolean sheaves of simple algebras. Kelly, Gregory M. Category theory : applications to algebra, logic and topology proceedings of the international conference held at Gummersbach, July , Category theory, homology theory and their applications II : proceedings of the conference held at the Seattle Research Center of the Battelle Memorial Institute, June 24 -July 19, volume two.

Category theory, homology theory and their applications I : proceedings of the conference held at the Seattle Research Center of the Battelle Memorial Institute, June July 19, volume one. Category theory : proceedings of the international conference held in Como, Italy, July , Cech and Steenrod homotopy theories with applications to geometric topology. Edwards, David A. Cech cohomological dimensions for commutative rings. Cellular automata and groups. Ceccherini-Silberstein, Tullio ; Coornaert, Michel.

Cellular automaton modeling of biological pattern formation : characterization, applications, and analysis. Deutsch, Andreas ; Dormann, Sabine. Cellular spaces, null spaces and homotopy localization. Chain conjectures in ring theory : an exposition of conjectures on catenary Chains. Chance rules : an informal guide to probability, risk and statistics. Everitt, Brian. Characteristic functions, scattering functions and transfer functions. Characteristic functions, scattering functions and transfer functions : the Moshe Livsic memorial volume. Alpay, Daniel ; Vinnikov, Victor eds.

Characterization of distributions by the method of intensively monotone operators. Characterizations of probability distributions : a unified approach with an emphasis on exponential and related models. Choquet order and simplices : with applications in probabilistic models. Langevin, Michel ; Waldschmidt, Michel eds. Classes of finite groups. Classes unipotentes et sous-groupes de Borel. Class field theory. Childress, Nancy. Classical Banach spaces. Lindenstrauss, Joram ; Tzafriri, Lior. Classical Diophantine equations. Classical finite transformation semigroups : an introduction.

Ganyushkin, Olexandr ; Mazorchuk, Volodymyr. Classical Fourier analysis. Classical geometries in modern contexts : geometry of real Inner product spaces. Classical geometries in modern contexts : geometry of real Inner product spaces second edition. Classical mechanics.

Classification algorithms for codes and designs. Classification as a tool for research. Locarek-Junge, Hermann ; Weihs, Claus. Cartier, Pierre. Classification of algebraic varieties and compact complex manifolds. Classification of irregular varieties : minimal models and Abelian varieties. Proceedings of a conference held in Trento, Italy, December, Classification theory of algebraic varieties and compact complex spaces.

Ueno, Kenji. Classification theory of Riemannian manifolds. Classification theory : proceedings of the U. Baldwin, John T. Classifying immersions into R4 over stable maps of 3-manifolds into R2.

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Classifying spaces and classifying topoi. Moerdijk, Izak. Clifford wavelets, singular integrals, and Hardy spaces. Clinical prediction models : a practical approach to development, validation, and updating. Steyerberg, Ewout W. Cluster analysis for data mining and system identification. Codes : an introduction to information communication and cryptography. Biggs, Norman L. Codici cifrati : Arne Beurling e la crittografia nella II guerra mondiale. Beckman, Bengt.

Codici correttori : un introduzione. Giuzzi, Luca. Coding theory. Lint, Jacobus H. Coding theory and algebraic geometry : proceedings of the international workshop held in luminy, France, June , Stichtenoth, Henning ; Tsfasman, Michael A. Coexistence and persistence of strange attractors. Coherence in categories. Kelly, G. Cohomological and geometric approaches to rationality problems. Bogomolov, Fedor ; Tschinkel, Yuri. Cohomological and geometric approaches to rationality problems : new perspectives. Bogomolov, Fedor ; Tschinkel, Yuri ed. Cohomological topics in group theory.

Gruenberg, Karl W. Borel, Armand. Cohomologie galoisienne. Labesse, Jean-Pierre ; Schwermer, Joachim eds. Coincidence degree, and nonlinear differential equations. Gaines, Robert E. Collocation methods for parabolic equations in a single space variable : based on C1-piecewise-polynomial spaces. Labelle, Gilbert ; Leroux, Pierre. Combinatorial algebraic topology. Kozlov, Dmitry. Combinatorial commutative algebra. Miller, Ezra ; Sturmfels, Bernd.

Combinatorial computational biology of RNA. Combinatorial mathematics : proceedings of the international conference on combinatorial theory Canberra, August , Holton, D. Combinatorial mathematics : proceedings of the second Australian conference. Combinatorial mathematics III : proceedings of the third Australian conference held at the university of Queensland, May, Street, Anne Penfold ; Wallis, W. Combinatorial mathematics IV : proceedings of the fourth Australian conference held at the university of Adelaide, August , Casse, Louis R.

Combinatorial mathematics V : proceedings of the fifth Australian conference, held at the royal Melbourne institute of technology, August 24 - 26, Combinatorial mathematics VI : proceedings of the sixth Australian conference on combinatorial mathematics, Armidale, Australia, August Horadam, A.

Combinatorial mathematics VII : proceedings of the seventh Australian conference on combinatorial mathematics held at the university of Newcastle, Australia, August 20 - 24, Robinson, Robert W. Combinatorial mathematics VIII : proceedings of the eighth Australian conference on combinatorial mathematics held at Deakin university, Geelong, Australia, August , Combinatorial mathematics IX : proceedings of the ninth Australian conference on combinatorial mathematics held at the university of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, August , Billington, Elizabeth J.

Combinatorial mathematics X : proceedings of the conference held in Adelaide, Australia, August , Casse, Louis ReynoldsAntoine ed. Combinatorial number theory and additive group theory. Geroldinger, Alfred ; Ruzsa, Imre Z. Combinatorial optimization : lectures given at the 3rd session of the centro internazionale matematico estivo C. Simeone, Bruno ed. Combinatorial optimization : theory and algorithms fourth edition. Combinatorial optimization : theory and algorithms third edition. Combinatorial stochastic processes. Combinatorial theory : proceedings of a conference held at schloss Rauischholzhausen, May , Combinatorial theory seminar, Eindhoven university of technology.

Combinatorics and graph theory : proceedings of the symposium held at the Indian statistical institute, Calcutta, February , Rao, Siddani Bhaskara ed. Combinatorics and graph theory second edition. Mossinghoff, Michael ; Hirst, Jeffry L. Combinatorics of Coxeter groups. Bjorner, Anders ; Brenti, Francesco. Combinatorics : room squares, sum-free sets, Hadamard matrices. Wallis, W. Commutative algebra : proceedings of a workshop held in Salvador, Brazil, Aug. Bruns, Winfried ; Simis, Aron eds. Commutative algebras of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space.

Commutative coherent rings. Glaz, Sarah. Commutative formal groups. Commutative rings whose finitely generated modules decompose. Commuting nonselfadjoint operators in Hilbert space : two independent studies. Livsic, Moshe S. Compactification des espaces harmoniques. Meghea, Constantin. Compactifications of symmetric and locally symmetric spaces.

Compactifying moduli spaces for Abelian varieties. Morel, J. Compact Lie groups. Compact Riemann surfaces : an introduction to contemporary athematics. Compact right topological semigroups and generalizations of almost periodicity. Berglund, John F. Compact semitopological semigroups and weakly almost periodic functions. Berglund, J. Compact semitopological semigroups : an intrinsic theory.

Compact systems of sets. Comparing distributions. Compatible spatial discretizations. Arnold, Douglas N. Complementarity problems. Complete Intersections : lectures given at the 1st session of the centro internationale matematico estivo C. Greco, Silvio ; Strano, Rosario eds. Completeness theory for propositional logics. Pogorzelski, Witold A. Complex algebraic varieties : proceedings of a conference held in Bayreuth, Germany,April , Complex analysis.

Bak, Joseph ; Newman, Donald J. Freitag, Eberhard ; Busam, Rolf. Complex analysis second edition. Havin, Victor P. Complex analysis - fifth Romanian-Finnish seminar : part 1 : proceedings of the seminar held in Bucharest, June 28 - July 3, Cazacu, C. Andreian ; Boboc, N. Complex analysis - fifth Romanian-Finnish seminar : part 2 : proceedings of the seminar held in Bucharest, June 28 - July 3, Complex analysis : fundamentals of the classical theory of functions.

Complex analysis I : proceedings of the special year held at the university of Maryland, College Park, Complex analysis II : proceedings of the special year held at the university of Maryland, College Park, Complex analysis : In the spirit of Lipman Bers. Gilman, Jane P. Complex analysis Joensuu : proceedings of the colloquium on complex analysis, Joensuu, Finland, August , Complex analysis : proceedings of the conference held at the university of Kentucky, May , Buckholtz, James D.

Complex analysis : proceedings of the summer school held at the international centre for theoretical physics, Trieste, July , Complex analytic geometry. Complex, contact and symmetric manifolds : in honor of L. Kowalski, Old? Complex effects in large eddy simulations. Kassinos, Stavros C. Complex geometry and analysis : proceedings of the international symposium in honour of Edoardo Vesentini held in Pisa Italy , May , Complex geometry : an introduction. Complex intelligent systems and their Applications. Complex numbers from A to Andreescu, Titu ; Andrica, Dorin. Complex surfaces and connected sums of complex projective planes.

Complex time-delay systems. Atay, Fatihcan M. Complex variables with applications. Ponnusamy, S. Compstat - proceedings in computational statistics : 17th symposium held in Rome, Italy, Rizzi, Alfredo ; Vichi, Maurizio eds. Compstat : proceedings in computational statistics. Computability of Julia sets.

Braverman, Mark ; Yampolsky, Michael. Computational approach to Riemann surfaces. Bobenko, Alexander I. Computational commutative algebra 2. Kreuzer, Martin ; Robbiano, Lorenzo. Computational electromagnetics. Computational ergodic theory. Choe, Geon Ho. Computational genome analysis : an introduction. Deonier, Richard C. Computational intelligence : for engineering and manufacturing. Andina, Diego ; Pham, Duc Truong eds.

Computational line geometry. Pottmann, Helmut ; Wallner, Johannes. Computational mechanics : international conference on computational methods in nonlinear mechanics, Austin, Texas, Computational mechanics : proceedings of International symposium on computational mechanics, july August 1, , Beijing, China. Yao, Z. Ruscheweyh, Stephan ; Saff, Edward B. Computational methods for algebraic spline surfaces : ESF exploratory workshop. Computational methods in transport : Granlibakken Graziani, Frank.

Computational methods in transport : verification and validation. Computational neuroscience. Computational noncommutative algebra and applications. Computational problems, methods, and results in algebraic number theory. Computational statistics. Computational synthetic geometry. Computational turbulent incompressible flow : applied mathematics : body and soul 4. Hoffman, Johan ; Johnson, Claes. Computation and proof theory : proceedings of the logic colloquium held in Aachen, July , part II.

Richter, M. Computation of multivariate normal and t probabilities. Computations in higher types. Computer algebra recipes : an advanced guide to scientific modeling. Enns, Richard H. Computer algebra recipes : an introductory guide to the mathematical models of science. Computing in algebraic geometry : a quick start using singular. Decker, Wolfram ; Lossen, Christoph. Computing methods in applied sciences and engineering, , I : third international symposium, December , Glowinski, R. Computing the continuous discretely : integer-point enumeration in polyhedra. Computing the electrical activity in the heart.

Concentration inequalities and model selection. Picard, Jean. Concentration risk in credit portfolios.


Concentrator location in telecommunications networks. Conception optimale de structures. Concepts and results in chaotic dynamics : a short course. Collet, Pierre ; Eckmann, Jean Pierre. Concise course on stochastic partial differential equations. Conference in mathematical logic - London ' Morris, John Ll. Conference on commutative algebra : Lawrence, Kansas Brewer, James W. Conference on group theory : university of Wisconsin-Parkside Gatterdam, R.

Conference on harmonic analysis : College Park, Maryland, Gulick, Denny ; Lipsman, Ronald L. Conference on the numerical solution of differential equations : Dundee Everitt, W. Configuration spaces over Hilbert schemes and applications. Dias, Danielle ; Le Barz, Patrick. Conflicts between generalization, rigor, and intuition : number concepts underlying the development of analysis in th century France and Germany.

Conformal and potential analysis in Hele-Shaw cell. Conformal geometry and quasiregular mappings. Conformal groups in geometry and spin structures. Conical refraction and higher microlocalization. Conics and cubics : a concrete introduction to algebraic curves. Conjugacy classes in algebraic groups. Conjugate duality in convex optimization. Bot, Radu Ioan. Conjugate gradient algorithms in nonconvex optimization. Pytlak, Rados? Constrained optimization and image space analysis : volume 1: separation of sets and optimality conditions.

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  • Construction of global Lyapunov functions using radial basis functions. Constructions of Lie algebras and their modules. Constructive and computational methods for differential and integral equations : symposium, Indiana university, February , Constructive mathematics : proceedings of the New Mexico state university conference held at Las Cruces, New Mexico, August , Constructive methods for elliptic equations.

    Constructive theory of functions of several variables : proceedings of a conference held at Oberwolfach april 25 - may 1, Schempp, Walter ; Zeller, Karl eds. Contact manifolds in Riemannian geometry. Continuous and discrete dynamics near manifolds of equilibria. Continuous bivariate distributions. Continuous convergence on C X. Continuous exponential martingales and BMO. Continuous lattices : proceedings of the conference on topological and categorical aspects of continuous lattices workshop IV held at the university of Bremen, Germany, November , Continuous optimization : current trends and modern applications.

    Jeyakumar, Vaithilingam ; Rubinov, Alexander eds. Continuous-time Markov decision processes : theory and applications. Continuous-time stochastic control and optimization with financial applications. Continuum mechanics. Romano, Antonio ; Marasco, Addolorata. Continuum thermomechanics. Contributions to ergodic theory and probability : proceedings of the first midwestern conference on ergodic theory held at the Ohio State university, March , Contributions to nonlinear analysis : a tribute to D. Controllability of partial differential equations governed by multiplicative controls.

    Controlled Markov processes and viscosity solutions. Fleming, Wendell H. Controlled simple homotopy theory and applications. Chapman, T. Control of coupled partial differential equations. Control of spatially structured random processes and random fields with applications. Chornei, Ruslan K. Control of turbulent and magnetohydrodynamic channel flows : boundary stabilization and state estimation. Vazquez, Rafael ; Krstic, Miroslav. Convergence and applications of Newton-type iterations. Convex analysis and measurable multifunctions.

    Charles Castaing, Charles ; Valadier, Michel. Convex and discrete geometry. Convex functional analysis. Kurdila, Andrew J. Convex functions and their applications : a contemporary approach. Niculescu, Constantin P. Convex functions, monotone operators and differentiability. Phelps, Robert R. Convexity and well-posed problems. Lucchetti, Roberto. Convex polyhedra. Cooperation in classification and data analysis : proceedings of two German-Japanese workshops. Cooperative stochastic differential games.

    Yeung, David W. Coping with complexity : model reduction and data analysis. Gorban, Alexander N. Copula theory and its applications. Correlated data analysis : modeling, analytics, and applications. Song, Peter X. Correspondances de Howe sur un corps p-adique. Counterexamples in topological vector spaces.

    Critical point theory and its applications. Zou, Wenming ; Schechter, Martin. Critical point theory and submanifold geometry. Palais, Richard S. CR submanifolds of complex projective space. Djoric, Mirjana ; Okumura, Masafumi. Current trends in high performance computing and its applications : proceedings of the international conference on high performance computing and applications, August , , Shanghai, P.

    Current trends in nonlinear systems and control : in honor of Petar Kokotovic and Turi Nicosia. Curvature and characteristic classes. Curvature and topology of Riemannian manifolds : proceedings of the 17th international Taniguchi symposium held in Katata, Japan, Aug. Curve e superfici. Abate, Marco ; Tovena, Francesca. Cycle representations of Markov processes. Cycle spaces of flag domains : a complex geometric viewpoint.

    Cyclic coverings, Calabi-Yau manifolds and complex multiplication. Rohde, Christian. Cyclic difference sets. Cyclic Galois extensions of commutative rings. Cyclic neofields and combinatorial designs. Cyclic renormalization and automorphism groups of rooted trees. Cyclotomic fields and zeta values. Cylindric set algebras. Henkin, Leon ; Monk, J. Edited by: Milos Kravcik, Olga C. Santos, Jesus G. Italian Information Retrieval Workshop Modeling and Reasoning of Context Computer Systems, Applications and Software Engineering Fedoreev Submitted by: Sergey A.

    Emoji Understanding and Applications in Social Media Agents in Traffic and Transportation Research-Informed Practice and Industry Edited by: Rakesh M. Concept Lattices and Their Applications Edited by: Dmitry I. Biographical Data in a Digital World Set Visualization and Reasoning Random and Exhaustive Generation of Combinatorial Structures Edited by: Jeremy Debattista, Javier D. Socio-Technical Perspective in IS development Volume I: Main Conference Volume II: Workshops Bias in Information, Algorithms, and Systems Edited by: Jo Bates, Paul D.

    Cultures of Participation in the Digital Age Optimization Problems and their Applications Enterprise Modeling and Information Systems Architectures International Workshop on Semantic Web Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage Advanced Visual Interfaces for Cultural Heritage Raptis Submitted by: George E. Personalization in Persuasive Technology Research Locate Interacting with Smart Objects Secure Information Technologies Narrative Extraction From Text Akimova, Andrey V.

    Sosnovsky, Roman A. Linked Data on the Web Edited by: Tarek R. Edited by: Aleksandr G. Dodonov, Vladimir V. Golenkov, Dmitry V. Lande, Wlodzimierz Khadzhynov, Vitaliy V. Tsyganok, Andrei A. Snarskii Submitted by: Vitaliy V. Software Engineering Workshops Convergent Cognitive Information Technologies Workshops at Modellierung Second Italian Conference on Cyber Security Edited by: Gustavo F. Nacke Submitted by: Gustavo F. International Workshop on Software Ecosystems Symposium on Commonsense Reasoning Edited by: Andrew S.

    Computational Accountability and Responsibility in Multiagent Systems Radicioni, Emilio M. Mathematics and Computer Science TBD National Informatics Symposium Proceedings of the Edited by: Javier D. Symposium on Advanced Database Systems Kruglov, Sergey N. Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage Edited by: Yurii I. Shokin, Igor V. Bychkov, Oleg I. Potaturkin, Igor A. Pestunov Submitted by: Igor A. Symposium on Information Management and Big Data Edited by: Antonio A. Edited by: Juan A. Nuclear Electronics and Computing Digital Humanities Ortsbezogene Anwendungen und Dienste Computer Modelling in Decision Making Edited by: Abraham Althonayan, Tatiana A.

    Belkina, Vladimir S. Mkhitaryan, Dmitry Pavluk, Sergei P. Sidorov Submitted by: Sergei P. Automatische Bewertung von Programmieraufgaben Humanities in the Semantic Web Forum Media Technology International Workshop on Evaluating Information Access Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Practical Aspects of Health Informatics Automatic Machine Learning Awareness and Reflection in Technology Enhanced Learning HistoInformatics Actual Problems of System and Software Engineering Optimization and Applications Edited by: Yuri G.

    Evtushenko, Mikhail Yu. Khachay, Oleg V. Khamisov, Yury A. Kochetov, Vlasta U. Malkova, Mikhail A. Posypkin Submitted by: Vlasta U.

    Combinatorial Mathematics IX

    Semantic Machine Learning BPM Industry Track. Artificial Intelligence with Application in Health Parallel Large-Scale Graph Processing Forum and Demos at ER Data-Driven Gamification Design Edited by: Wil van der Aalst, Mikhail Yu. Khachay, Sergei O. Kuznetsov, Victor Lempitsky, Irina A. Pardalos, Andrey V. Savchencko, Stanley Wasserman, Dmitry I. Experimental Economics and Machine Learning MOOC analytics: live dashboards, post-hoc analytics and the long-term effects.

    Computer Modeling. Edited by: Roman V. Skidanov, Vladimir Sobolev, Denis V. Data, Modeling and Security Edited by: John Licato, Aleshia T. Data Science for Social Good Knowledge Discovery on the WEB Spring School on Networks Linked Data for Information Extraction Conversational Interruptions in Human-Agent Interactions Advances in Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence MIning DAta for financial applicationS Re-coding Black Mirror Networked Knowledge Organization Systems Workshop Application of Semantic Web technologies in Robotics Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity Semantic Web Technologies for the Internet of Things Large-Scale Time Dependent Graphs Semantic Statistics Temporal Reasoning in Recommender Systems Formal Concept Analysis for Knowledge Discovery Kuznetsov, Bruce W.

    Watson Submitted by: Sergei O. Mai Hypertext Extended Proceedings. Shabunin, Andrey Yu. Filippovich, Ilya A. Lepeshkin Submitted by: Artem V. Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces Mathematical Modeling. Proceedings of the International conference Information Technology and Nanotechnology. High-Performance Computing.

    Edited by: Vladimir V. Voevodin, Vladimir A. Fursov, Yegor V. Goshin, Denis V. Edited by: Vladislav V. Myasnikov, Vladislav V. Sergeev, Victor A. Fedoseev, Yulia D. Vybornova, Denis V. Computer Optics and Nanophotonics. Skidanov, Denis V. Edited by: John P. Modern Problems in Mathematics and its Applications Social Influence Analysis Recommendation in Complex Scenarios Edited by: Zina M. Satisfiability Modulo Theories Computational Linguistics and Language Science Scientometrics and Enabling Decentralised Scholarly Communication International Workshop on Privacy Engineering Defeasible and Ampliative Reasoning Inductive Logic Programming Short papers Formal Approaches to the Dynamics of Linguistic Interaction European Tangible Interaction Studio Cognitive Robot Architectures Edited by: Ron Chrisley, Vincent C.

    Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment Contexts in Philosophy Integration, Harmonization and Knowledge Transfer International Conference of Programming Social Media for Personalization and Search Mathematical and Information Technologies Shokin, Hranislav Milosevic, Denis V. Esipov Submitted by: Denis V. Enterprise Engineering Working Conference Forum Social Media for Emergency Relief and Preparedness Information and Communication Technology and its Applications Edited by: Hamza O.

    Salami, Richard A. Onumanyi, Shafi'i M. Abdulhamid, Gideon A. Edited by: Luis P. Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies Edited by: Galina A. Timofeeva, Alexander V. Martynenko Submitted by: Alexander V. Professionelles Wissensmanagement Tagungsband der 9. Italian Conference on Cybersecurity Edited by: Sergey N. Shabunin, Elena N. Akimova, Sergey I. Kumkov, Roman A. Dodonov, Aleksandr M. Bogdanov, Vladimir V. Lande, Vladimir V. Mokhor, Nikolay A. Ozhevan, Vitaliy V. Tsyganok, Vladimir N.

    Furashev, Elena S. Gorbachyk, Marina G. Kuznetsova Submitted by: Vitaliy V. Logic and Argumentation Continuous Software Engineering Human Factors in Modeling Multimodal Media Data Analytics Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science Supporting Complex Search Tasks Science, Application and Methods in Industry 4. BPM Demo Track Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense, and Security Corpora in the Digital Humanities Regional Consortium for Computing Sciences and Foundation Edited by: Juan C.

    Educational Knowledge Management Treebanks and Linguistic Theories Ambient Intelligence for Large Premises Spatial Data on the Web Malo, France, October , Cognitive Computation Digital Humanities and Digital Curation Geospatial Sensor Webs Executable Modeling OCL and Textual Modeling Edited by: Achim D. International Conference on Computing Research and Innovations CBI Industrial Track. Formal Methods Doctoral Symposium Models run. Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Models run.

    Trust in Agent Societies Multimedia Benchmark Workshoph International Workshop on Teaching Analytics Data Analysis and Modelling Edited by: Tatiana A. Belkina, Suren Islyaev, Vladimir S. Mkhitaryan, Sergei P. Edited by: Juan de Lara, Peter J. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Edited by: Constantine D. Multi-Level Modeling Quantified Boolean Formulas Collaborative Modelling in MDE Malo, France, October 4, Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption Fictional Game Elements Model-Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation Selim Submitted by: Gehan M.

    Ignatov, Mikhail Yu. Khachay, Valeri G. Savchencko, Konstantin V. Biomedical Data Integration and Discovery Models and Evolution Benchmarking Linked Data Embedded Operating Systems Workshop Social Media World Sensors Flexible Model Driven Engineering Edited by: Huseyin Ergin, Richard F. Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences Making Sense of Microposts Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems Soft Computing Applications and Knowledge Discovery Choi, Tom Crick, Michael R. Hwang, Daniel S. Katz, Kyle E. Niemeyer, Manish Parashar, Colin C. Venters Submitted by: Colin C.

    Recommenders in Tourism Health Data Analytics Conference Digital Humanities Luxembourg Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems Ethics in the Design of Intelligent Agents Consuming Linked Data Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web Laskey, Kenneth J. Bayesian Modeling Applications Workshop Valuable Visualization of Healthcare Information Patterns in Model Engineering Edited by: Richard F. Scalable Model Driven Engineering Semantic Mining in Biomedicine Knowledge-based Techniques for Problem Solving and Reasoning Search as Learning