An Evolution of Love

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  2. Musings on Love, Death and Evolution in Preparation for the Day of Hearts
  3. Musings on Love, Death and Evolution in Preparation for the Day of Hearts
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  5. An Evolution of Love (Georgetown Publishing Company)

Plants and animals have developed similarly symbiotic relationships since life on Earth began. The fact that we want these things has dramatically shaped what we offer one another and even how we lie about each other, and how we compete with people in our own sex.

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When we get ugly with each other, we do it in very predictable ways — all based on co-evolution. Ambition, for instance, is seen as a predominantly male trait. Duana points out how, in this presidential election cycle, the currently running male candidates are associated with ambition positively in various articles written about them. Or at least they used to a long time ago and we are the inheritors of the psychology that worked 45, years ago. To survive and pass along the genes that eventually led to us, our ancestors had to come up with some pretty clever strategies to overcome the dangers of their world — a world that would be unrecognizable to those of us accustomed to the convenience of a Starbucks on every corner and a Target in every town.

Duana admits the first time she was presented with the science backing up this claim, even she had a tough time coming to terms with it.

Musings on Love, Death and Evolution in Preparation for the Day of Hearts

I have a PhD in psychology. But clearly there are differences. On your phone? Click here to write us a well-deserved iTunes review and help us outrank the riffraff! His company, The Art of Charm, is a leading training facility for top performers that want to overcome social anxiety, develop social capital and build relationships of the highest quality. Raised by a single father, AJ felt a strong desire to learn about relationships and the elements that make them successful.

However, this interest went largely untapped for many years. Following the path set out for him by his family, AJ studied biology in college and went on to pursue a Ph.

Musings on Love, Death and Evolution in Preparation for the Day of Hearts

The other is an uber-energetic freak show with the metabolism of the Energizer Bunny. First and far more importantly, a Medium. After nine months, the man in question departed- not out of loss of love, but out of love and respect. Having been dealt an awful blow of a terminal illness, he decided to walk away rather than to subject his love to the awfulness of watching him die. That is of course how he saw it. To this I might present a book that another good friend, my Thai masseuse Melissa I think I have her permission to use her name as she teased me for hiding her under a pseudonym the other day has been reading.

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The three of us here are all of an age: one close to sixty, one just past, and I am We three are, for various reasons, contemplating Heart Day alone. As I have struggled both with yet another breakup with someone who has largely dominated my emotional life for the last decade, and as my other two women friends battle with different variations of same but in shorter periods, this book has offered me the kind of emotional tranquility and quiet that I rarely find in the press and rush of the demanding world.

I meditate. Have for years. I know my friend Melissa does, and I think my other friend does, too. Parts of us die every single day.

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Cells die, divide, are sloughed off, trillions of them. We are surrounded by constant death and renewal, from the largest of Universal forces to the tiniest particles known to science. Death is as necessary and natural a part of existence for all things great and small, just as breathing is natural to us.

Life ends, it begins. We breathe, in and out. At one point, we stop. We must.

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There is, for many of us, something beyond this, whatever that may be. I will keep my personal beliefs aside as they are irrelevant.

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  • What is relevant here is that relationships die. Parts of them die, and I watched that happen with my BF as he demonstrated hurtful and damaging behaviors as he was a guest in my home. Parts of me simply died, including my love and respect for him. It had to happen, as it makes it far easier to let that go.

    THE EVOLUTION OF OUR LOVE - OFFICIAL TRAILER [Eng Sub] - Zhang Ruo Yun, Zhang Tian Ai

    At one point, then I had to love myself enough to be glad for the death of that relationship, even as that decision pushes me into the troubled waters of online dating and all the inherent judgment therein. For Melissa, there were also small deaths, as she began to realize and experience those areas where her partner could not provide what she needed.

    Those disappointments were the kinds of deaths that we all have to face when Prince or Princess Charming turns out to have bad breath or warts or smelly feet. Some things, meh. Others, major.

    An Evolution of Love (Georgetown Publishing Company)

    The larger deaths bring on the evolution of separation, inevitable pain and sadness. Some, as in my case, involved trust, a sense of safety, and the deep disappointment that accompanied the realization that the ten year-wait had, in fact, not been worth it. The process was worthwhile. But the person was another thing entirely. For Melissa, who has strong needs for a certain kind of company, the understanding that this particular partner, who had been so good in other areas, would ultimately become problematic.